Company Profile

The aluminum member of Youngnam Corporation has satisfied the needs of major commercial buildings such as Tokyo, Osaka for more than 20 years through domestic aluminum maker. The quality that meets JIS standards from exterior facade decoration of Yodobashi Camera Building of Akihabara in Tokyo to AL 3t cut panel for ceiling of the recently built Korean Embassy in Japan has been the foundation of our business.

Youngnam Corporation’s technology develops materials with the shape architects and designers want the most accurately, economically and fast in various and innovative commercial buildings of modern times. We finish surface quality, anodizing, acrylic, fluorine coating satisfying the level of building in Japan.

Unit assembly for perfect construction of construction site, packaging by construction site and perfectly classified and packed transportation enable you to finish the construction more conveniently and quickly.

We will do our best for fast and accurate delivery, high quality and cost saving.
Thank you.

CEO Park kyu-hwan

Company Youngnam Corporation Co., Ltd.
Head office Jukjeon-road 74 beongil 35, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (Paryong-dong 41-36)
TEL +82 55 264 0383
FAX +82 55 264 0384
CEO Park kyu-hwan
Established April 2001
Capital 300 million won (Japan Yen 30,000,000)
Employees 6